About Kurta Piano Service

Kurta Piano service like many such businesses consists of one person, the true "one man band."

I have been a professional piano technician since 1989 and was mentored by Frank McKowen, RPT from Lansing, MI. Attaining RPT status with the Piano Techncians Guild in 1995, I began lecturing and holding technicals on several subjects but primarily tools and keytop replacement. I have spoken before 10 PTG chapters, a number of national conventions and am well known in PTG circles.

I also found myself drawn to key work as I always had a soft spot for bench repair having been a carburetor rebuilder previously in the automotive repair business.

Replacing keytops for my own customers, and over the years for other technicians, piano dealers and rebuilders, I was asked if I would do more work for them.

I am now focusing on keytop replacement as my primary occupation. By concentrating on doing one thing well, I have developed highly specialized machines and techniques to produce a fine finished product. Because you are dealing with me directly, I can offer a quick return of your keys, moderately priced and skillfully done. You will be proud to install these in your customer's piano.

I have a couple of mottos: "Consistent Precision" meaning each key is of a standard I would aspire to if working on my own piano. And my warranty is "Customer Satisfaction", whatever it takes to make you happy is my goal.

Because I work alone, please call or email before sending your keys, to be sure I'm available and not away, or otherwise tied up.