I just completed work on two piano actions, which included new key bushings, both front and center, completed by Mike Kurta. The pianos, a1932 Baldwin and a 1993 Howard, (made by Kawai for Baldwin) were both in pretty tough shape. It was a great relief to send off the keys for bushings, have them come back in a timely manner and watch them slide down the pins like a hand into a favorite glove. Not one bushing was too tight or too loose. When I have done my own, I often have to go through and ease the bushing so the key will fit over the pin. That's a lot of lost time and effort. For me it makes great common and financial sense to just send them off to Mike and have them come back right and ready! Thanks Mike!

Edward Mastin, Piano Owner

“Mike described precisely what had to be done and made recommendations. He told me how to pack the keys to keep them safe for shipping. He returned them on the date he said he would, packed beautifully and secure. They looked brand new. The technician that installed them was very impressed and complimentary of how these were done. I love them !!"

Linda Whitehead, Piano Owner

"Mike Kurta's keytop recovering was professional from start to finish. From his courteous and knowledgeable advice in the initial phone conversation, to the accurate and prompt recovering service on a Baldwin M keyboard, it was a pleasure to work with him. He even threw in a little extra work on an already reasonably priced job. I wouldn't hesitate to use Kurta Piano Service for future key work."

Ann Fell, RPT, Winfield, KS

"Mike did an excellent job re-bushing and recovering a set of keys for me. He came highly recommended by a few technicians that I know and have great respect for. His attention to detail exceeded my expectations; I look forward to working with him again in the future!"

Jimmy Espinoza, RPT Lakeside Piano Service Grand Rapids, MI www.pianotuningrpt.com

" A few times the last ten years or so I've farmed out keywork to a couple people, and I thought they did good work.... Until now. Really great craftsmanship, and your attention to detail shows. The refinished sharps really look, well, sharp! And the naturals look like they came from the factory. Bushings are flawless, at least to me. I know my client will be as pleased as I am, and I assure you any future keywork I get will be heading your way!"

Brian Hughes, Georgetown Piano Company, Elkridge, MD

" Mike installed a set of natural keytops on a Yamaha C3 for us recently. The keys were carefully packed for shipping, their edges are clean and smooth, and the tops do not have the minor incidental blemishes so often seen with new tops. Both we and the customer are very pleased! "

John Blessing, RPT, Downers Grove, Illinois. President, Chicago chapter, PTG

"Mike has supplied me with many sets of keytops and each new set is as beautifully crafted as the last. Mike understands that ivory keytops and plastic keytops are not the same thickness and thus he compensates for that. You won't have a set of keys that won't fit under the fallboard. I highly recommend this quality service for your next set."

Edward Mastin, RPT Syracuse NY

"I'm happy to be listed as a satisfied customer. Your workmanship level was of a very high caliber, with quick turnaround and the price was right! I've been very pleased with the keytops you've done for me."

BEN GAC, RPT. Forest Park, IL. Past President Chicago chapter Piano Technicians Guild and Steinway Technical Trainer. www.benspianotuning.com

"I have been in the player piano rebuilding business for over 45 years and many jobs included replacing the old ivory key tops. For many years I used Rochester Piano & Key Co. in Rochester, NY for key top recovering, I began using your service when you came to the Syracuse area. Although Rochester's work was OK, your work was outstanding, perfect in every way. Many customers of mine commented on how nice the keys looked. You recovered over ten jobs for me and never had any problems with any of them. Keep up the good work."

CHARLIE SCHUBERT, Baldwinsville, NY. Head technician, Martin's Piano's.

"Mike Kurta provides prompt, professional service and does good work. It's all a business owner can ask for. Mike is friendly, knowledgeable and has a vast technical background off of which contribute to a positive experience in recovering or other repairs."

JEFF CAPPELLI, RPT. Past president, Chicago chapter. Owner, Piano Renaissance, LLC. www.chicagopianoservice.com

"I used Mike for my first time recently to a set of keytops. I have to say that everything from our initial conversation, to his website videos, to his instruction on packing the keys, to prompt and courteous customer experience, not to mention the incredible attention to detail on the keytops themselves. Incredible. I'll definitely be using Mike in the future!"

Duncan Peterson, RPT www.MyUtahPianoTuner.com